Live Symmetry Streams from Your Video Files

Video files are first-class citizens in SymmetryMill 3. Play and pause them at will while selecting the motif for your pattern, changing the pattern symmetry, blending repeat units, taking snapshots—and generally doing anything you normally do in SymmetryMill. When you re-apply a snapshot, SymmetryMill automatically jumps to the exact point in the video timeline when the snapshot was taken.

Pattern Explorer fully supports video source files as well. Start the Explorer while a video is playing and then just sit back and watch how your pattern story unfolds. Here’s a typical Explorer run:

Once you stop the Explorer, you can replay the recorded history and re-create all the patterns. Additionally, you can automatically save the accumulated patterns in a video file or sequentially numbered JPG or PNG files.

Learn more about the Pattern Explorer and feel free to try it out. But be sure to download the latest SymmetryMill 3 beta version before you do.

Last updated: September 13, 2019

September 13, 2019

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