The Best Way to Market Your Repeating Patterns

You’ve created your first pattern designs. It was fun and they look gorgeous. Now comes the tricky bit: making the world aware of your creations. You are a budding pattern designer and you don’t have your marketing channels—yet. Putting together your cleverly organized website, and adding profiles on all social media sites you could think of, ate up a good chunk of time, but no small army of followers eagerly awaits your new artworks. Cold calling perspective clients, studios, and reps is a part of your daily routine, but no one is returning your calls yet. So what now? How do you start building up your brand and jump start that success you’ve always known would come? Sorry, we won’t give you a ready-made recipe, but there are avenues that may improve your chances of being discovered. Which way to go is up to you and you will most definitely pursue more than one path.

So let’s get started:

#surface-patterns tag on Instagram.
Searching for #surfacepatterns on Instagram.
Creative Patterns (image pool)
Flickr group Creative Patterns
Surface Pattern Designers Group on g+
Introducing yourself to the Surface Pattern Designers group on Google+.
Patternfantastic on DeviantArt.
The Patternfantastic group on DeviantArt.

With comparatively easy things out of the way, you’ll come to the part that requires more work:

Artlandia on repeatxrepeaty
A few of Artlandia patterns on Repeat-X Repeat-Y.
Design competitions board (Patternobserver)
Patternobserver’s design competitions board.
Patterns gifts on Redbubble
Selling patterns gifts on Redbubble.
  • If you tried an online marketplace and found that a market for your patterns exists, but some specific issues with your POD service hold you back, then it’s time to build your own web store with one of the available eCommerce solutions. You can still use a pre-packaged platform and subcontract out the POD part of the business to the platform’s printing partners (or your favorite print fulfillment house):
artstorefronts setup
Setting up a shop with Art storefronts.
  • And only when you are ready for the big time—these are too expensive for most starters—consider exhibiting on trade shows:
In the SURTEX lobby.

Additionally, the publisher of your favorite pattern design software may have a specialized website, blog, or gallery to promote their users. In Artlandia, we maintain Pattern Central, a repository of pattern designs created in SymmetryMill and sharing patterns to Pattern Central is built-in in SymmetryMill. We also link to SymmetryWorks art from user comments. Artlandia users are always welcome to chime in.

Repeating patterns on Pattern Central
Pattern designs shared on Pattern Central.

Have we missed your favorite pattern design spot, a blog that promotes newcomers, or a web community where new pattern talents can leave their mark?—Leave a comment and let’s keep this list growing!

Last updated: September 3, 2017

September 3, 2017

2 thoughts on “The Best Way to Market Your Repeating Patterns

  1. I loved each word of this helpful article. .thank you so much but may i ask how can a freelancer pattern designer sell his copyright of any patterns to textile and fabrics companies?

    1. Well, if your marketing pays off and a textile manufacturer, a jobber, or some other textile company, approaches you, the selling part will be relatively straightforward. Otherwise, you will have to do your legwork, starting from making contacts in the industry. And at some point, selling at a trade show may work for you too (see above).

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