Video and Patterns: Artlandia SymmetryMill 3 Beta

Video support in SymmetryMill is coming your way. We’ll highlight the new features in future posts, but you can start your video patterns exploration right now by downloading the beta version of SymmetryMill 3. Make patterns from video files in the WebM (an open web media) format or directly from your camera. Save your pattern stream to a video file, taking your source from a static image or another video stream.

For starters, here’s a quick SymmetryMill run of what might be one of the greatest cartoons of all time:

We’d love to hear your comments and bug reports, should you come across a glitch. Please comment here or send us an email directly—and thanks!

Last updated: September 13, 2019

September 13, 2019

One thought on “Video and Patterns: Artlandia SymmetryMill 3 Beta

  1. Hi, Glad I am still on your list. My initial purchase was so long ago.
    I am still fascinated by your progress and ideas. I am a full time artist and while I paint landscapes, and abstracts, I keep in the back of my mind how to integrate your material with my art.

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