Call for Freelance Pattern Designers

This is going to be a short post. From time to time, companies ask us to help them find people who are proficient with our pattern design tools and may be available for a freelance assignment. To get your name into circulation, please leave a comment and outline your area of expertise. Or email us privately with the same information. Also consider publicizing some samples of your work in the SymmetryWorks user gallery and Pattern Central… Good luck!

February 29, 2016

4 thoughts on “Call for Freelance Pattern Designers

  1. Hello- I just joined LinkedIn today and have come across this post. My area of expertise is that I hand painted or block print my designs and use Symmetry Mill Shop for the patterns to bring my paintings into a different and surprising designs.

  2. Hi, My Name is Shabanam Lohiya and My Area of Expertise to make seamless patterns, make patterns Non repetitive to repetitive, Patterns Water Color, Patters HSL and Flat Colors with color code. I can do All the things in the pattern and I am available to work more than 40 hours of week, and i will provide time to time all the assignments. If you are interested to work with me then let me know i will share my work portfolio of different patterns. Thanks.

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