Pattern Making on Autopilot: Pattern Explorer in SymmetryMill 2

Wouldn’t you want to sit back and relax while somebody makes all kinds of patterns for you? With SymmetryMill 2, you can! Just start the Pattern Explorer and let it run. Stop any time you see something interesting. But don’t worry about missing a beat. All the intermediate steps are recorded and you can replay them, like a movie, or browse frame by frame and select the best.

Starting Pattern Explorer.
Starting the Pattern Explorer.

Use the Explorer for

  • inspiration
  • learning symmetry
  • learning what’s possible
  • refining a pattern idea
Starting Pattern Explorer.
A few patterns selected from an Explorer run.

Since you are free to choose parameters for an Explorer run, you can limit the number of variables to just a few and let the Explorer automatically refine a pattern idea for you. For instance, by deselecting the Vertical and Horizontal repeat size checkboxes in the Explorer Preferences dialog, you will get only patterns that have exactly the same repeat size.

Go ahead and try. Start by downloading the latest SymmetryMill—or learn more about the Pattern Explorer.

Last updated: June 7, 2017

June 7, 2017

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